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Interview with Bert Poffe
The Belgian explorer Bert talks about how his work is intended to encourage others to go out enjoy the outdoors and exploration, how to live in harmony with the environment and learn about the world we live in. www.inuksuk.be


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- 2014 Review: Emmigating
- Old Towne Predator Kayaks
- Honduras
- New Years Y2K
- Outlook 2015: from Uganda to Carolina Rivers
- Robert Young Pelton


Interview with Robert Young Pelton, Robert talks about the definition of a rebel and a freedom fighter to the situation in South Sudan, about Joseph Kony, Robert's company DPX Gear, about the most dangerous places in the world and how the face of conflicts has changed. www.comebackalive.com


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- Adventure without guide books
- Rogue hats
- Argentina
- Painted Face in Equador
- Grand Teton National Park
- Ashley River
- Jake Norton


Jake Norton, mountain climber extraordinaire talks about how he became a mountaineer, how he prepares for high mountain climbs, and what he found during his search for the bodies of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on Mt. Everest.


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- Innoculations and medication
- Bestard Boots, made to fit your foot!
- Private Islands for Rent
- On the flight from Bali to Darwin
- Dale Sanders
- Iditarod National Historic Trail
- Eno-Neuse River


Interview with Dale Sander, the 'grey-bearded Adventurer' talks with Monroe and Gigi about his planned kayak trip down the entire length of the Mississippi River, which will make him the oldest person to have accomplished that journey.


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- Guides and Tour Companies
- Go Pro 3 Silver
- Thailand
- fishing with Aboriginals
- Raven Rock State Park
- Santee River
- Interview with Paul Ridley

Intervew with Paul Ridley. Paul talks about his Row for Hope, when he crossed the Atlantic ocean solo, in a kayak. He also traversed the arctic ocean and in his spare time he is an asset manager in New York.

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- Rules and regulations on Mt. Everest
- MSR Windboiler Stove
- Poland
- almost getting robbed in Chile
- Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell
- the Lewis and Clark Trail
- Neuse River


Interview with Mead Treadwell, Lt. Governor of Alaska and Fellow with the Explorers Club in New York City who talks about his involvement in exploring the arctic circle, his environmental preservation efforts in Alaska and about the women that motivated him to become an explorer.


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- Post - Expedition Syndrome
- Railriders Clothing
- Tanzania
- Demonstrations in Phnom Penh
- Devils Tower, Chattooga River
- Interview with Natasha Illum Berg

Interview with Natasha Illum Berg, big game hunter and author. Natasha talks about her efforts as a conservationist trying to stop illegal elephant poaching and what she does when she returns from a long safari. www.NatashaIllumBerg.com

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- Busted Abroad
- Patagonia Black Hole Duffels
- Camping along the Alaskan Highway
- Lucky in Montevideo
- Dave Hahn
- Dry Tortugas National Park
- Lynches River


Interview with Dave Hahn, mountain guide, ski patroller, talksi about how he became a mountain climber, about his take whether George Mallory and Andrew Irvine made it to the top of Mt. Everest in 1924 and the climbing season on Mt. Everest.


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- Passports and Visas
- Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
- Mozambique
- Life on the Siberian Railroad
- Hallowed Ground National Heritage
- Deep River
- Interview with Lori Karnath

Interview with Lorie Karnath, former president of The Explorers Club in New York. Lorie talks about a dinosaur dig in Canada, the Explorers Museum in Ireland, her work in China and Burma and what exploration is all about.

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- Who's the greatest living explorer?
- Steripen water purification
- Nicaragua
- Whiskeytown National Park
- the Savannah River
- interview with Ben Stookesberry


Interview with Ben Stookesberry, one of the top world kayakers. He speaks about his recent expedition to the Torngat region in Canada and the tragic event in December 2010 in the Congo, where his guide Hendrick Coetzee was attacked and killed by a crocodile.


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- Leaving your loved ones at home?
- Mongolia
- meeting bears in Denali
- Mammoth Cave National Park
- Lumber River
- interview with Kenton Cool

Interview with Kenton Cool a reknown mountaineer. On Everest he holds the highest success rate of any mountain guide. In May 2007 he even summitted the peak twice in one week. www.KentonCool.com

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- Who wants to be the First?
- Chile
- the Volcanoe eruption that turned out to be a hotel fire
- Charley Wild River and thePee Dee
- interview with Mark 'Sharky' Alexander

Interview with Captain Mark "Sharky" Alexander, an underwater explorer. Sharky speaks with Monroe and Gigi about his expeditions to Poland and to Sierra Leone. www.Sharkys-UE.com

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- Exploring for a charity?
- Namibia
- How we met Norman Vaughan
- Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
- Coosawhatchie River
- interview with Mikael Strandberg

Interview with Mikael Strandberg
We caught up with Mikael in Sweden, right before he left for Kasakstan. He had just walked across England with his daughter in a baby stroller and his documentary about Jemen is up for an award. www.MikaelStrandberg.com

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- What risk is an adventure worth?
- Bali and Hari Raja Nyepi Day
- African Burial Ground Nat. Monument
- Alligator River and Wildlife Reserve
- interview with Carina Raiha
- and Eric built a Kayak in the studio!


Interview with Carina Raiha
Carina told us why she gave up her career as an investment banker and became the first woman from her homeland Finland that made it to the top of Mount Everest.


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- Explorer or Adventurer?
- Panama and the Darien Gap
- Throwback to Venice & Hotel Cipriani
- Big Bend National Park
- Haw River in North Carolina
- interview with Levison Wood


Interview with Levison Wood
We spoke with Lev a few days before he completed his epic journey during which he attempted to walk the entire length of the Nile river.


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- Kickstarter for Expeditions?
- Adventures in Morocco
- Riding a Bus across Brazil
- Climbing in Zion National Park, Utah
- Paddling on the Edisto River
- interview with Felicity Aston


Interview with Felicity Aston
Felicity talks about her solo, human powered crossing of Antarctica, the physical and mental preparation and how she handled the loneliness on the ice.


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- News from the world of adventuring
- Surfing in Papua New Guinea
- Hiking the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin
- Kayaking on the Black River
- interview with Alan Arnette


Interview with Alan Arnette who had just returned from K2 in Pakistan, where he became the oldest American to climb this technically challenging, second highest mountain in the World

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